Peru Fidel Huancas
Peru Fidel Huancas
Peru Fidel Huancas
Peru Fidel Huancas

Peru Fidel Huancas

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Peru Fidel Huancas

La Esperanza is the name of Fidel's farm. It means "hope" because he aspires to obtain special coffees and become the best producer in the region. Fidel is a third-generation coffee farmer who takes pride in his heritage and strives to improve his farm to motivate other farmers around him. The land measures 1.5 hectares and was left as a heritage from his father.

Initially, the farm had old plants of CATIMOR and PACHE, which were replaced with new ones over the course of five years. The farm now exclusively produces Yellow Caturra, which performs well on the terroir that characterizes the north of Peru, providing high cup scores and excellent yield.

Currently, Fidel manages his farm by implementing good practices advised by the cooperative region and the field team at Falcon Coffee Peru. But what made the real difference has been putting strong dedication, passion, and attention to detail into every aspect of farm management and worker training.

The coffee lot is processed as natural, and Fidel and his parents carefully picked the cherries. The cherries undergo a fermentation process based on the environmental temperature and weather conditions. After that, the drying process is completed on raised beds in the solar dryer within six to eight days, until the parchment reaches the desired moisture content.. 

We're sure you'll enjoy this flavourful coffee from Peru.

Coffee Facts

Farmers / Producer - Fedel Huancas - La Esperanza

Agro method - Shade-grown

Region: Cajamarca

Altitude - 2000m above sea level

Variety - Yellow Caturra

Process Type - Natural

Flavour notes

This will depend slightly on the method of brewing, so please refer to our flavour map image for our general flavour description. 

As a pour-over (using a V60 or home filter machine) you’ll taste complex cupping notes of stone fruits, dry pineapple, dark chocolate, and butter. That stone flavour also brings out a floral note if the coffee is brewed weaker, but this is subtle and easy to miss. One of the most dominant flavours in the pineapple is tropical fruit notes that build a high sweetness in the coffee with a rich smooth body and mouthfeel.

As an espresso, we recommend dosing the shot with 18g. The high sweetness and body with a rich fruity flavour make a very yummy espresso that blends best with cow's milk. We like it also with oat milk or nut milk alternatives the flavours blend well.

Brew Recommendations 

V60 pour-over or Chemex 

Espresso - a double shot of 18g dry weight to 40-45g wet weight shot.

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