Rwanda Liza-andBloss-coffee,single origin coffee
Rwanda Liza
Rwanda Liza-andBloss-coffee,single origin coffee
Rwanda Liza-andBloss-coffee,single origin coffee

Rwanda Liza

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Rwanda Liza Coffee

Jean Paul is a real game-changer in farming! 👨‍🌾 He's leading the way with his unique, newly perfected process, which he generously shares with other producers. He's even built his own cupping lab to produce some seriously amazing coffee. ☕

This specific coffee is a great example of his innovative approach. It's harvested from a tiny micro-lot that yields just one ton of coffee cherries, making it both exclusive and rare. 🍒

Jean Paul goes the extra mile by sorting out only the ripest cherries. But instead of the usual water tank fermentation, he uses a 36-hour dry fermentation process. This means the coffee is pulped and placed into large tanks without water, and is left to ferment with the help of oxygen. The result? A coffee with a fuller body and complex flavor characteristics. 🎉

We're sure you'll enjoy this flavourful coffee from Rwanda.

Coffee Facts

Farmers / Producer - Jean Paul, Liza Washing Station

Agro method - Small-holder farms

Region: Giheke, Rwanda

Altitude - 1550 - 1900 above sea level

Variety - Red Bourbon

Process Type - 36hr dry ferment / Washed

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