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Welcome to Bloss! We are a UK Coffee Roastery in Kent dedicated to building relationships with the producers of the world’s best coffee beans and making them available to you, our customers. We are dedicated to treating farmers with honour and celebrating them for the hero’s they are. We search for forest grown, wild harvested coffee, combined with socially balanced sourcing, we’re confident in the beans we offer and values we stand for, aiming to delight you with the best, roasted to the highest quality. Whether you are simply tired of instant coffee or are already a coffee fanatic, we would love to join you on your journey and help you to find the unique coffee flavours that are just right for you!

All our beans are ethically sourced and will come with a little story that tells you a bit more about the selection. Bloss isn't just a roastery. We want to provide you with the guidance and information you need to be able to turn our freshly roasted beans into the best coffee you've ever drunk, right in the comfort of your own home. One way you can join our community of coffee lovers and simultaneously help support coffee farmers is by subscribing to receive our flexible speciality coffee package!

Bloss Speciality Blend

Buy our Famous Speciality Coffee Bean Blend. This is a Premium Coffee Blend of single origin coffees. Each chosen and roasted to emphasise its own special characteristic.


Columbia Popayan Decaf

Try our Columbian Coffee Bean Blend. It is a naturally processed coffee produced by farms in the Popayan Region. Buying Decaf Coffee Beans online has never tasted so good.


Bloss House Blend

The Bloss House Blend is a combination of some of the best coffee beans you can buy online. This blend is a combination of two high-grade speciality coffee, both of single origins.


What Are Others Saying?

Bloss Curated Trio Brazil Silva Colombia Huila Columbia Popayan Decaf D.R.Congo Muungano

A full selection of

Single Origin Coffee

Select a coffee from a single farm and region to celebrate the unique flavours that are specific to that origin.


Traceable Coffee

Tracing coffee back to its origin farm allows you to learn about the individuals behind the flavors. On average, it takes the dedication of seventeen people to bring excellent coffee to your cup. Take the time to get to know the people behind your conscious purchase.

Forest-friendly Tea

We have partnered with Monteaco to introduce their fantastic range of whole leaf teas to you. These teas are not only of exceptional quality, but they also contribute to the preservation of the rich forest life in northern Thailand where they are produced.

Our Newest Edition of Single Origin Coffees

Timor Eratoi
Timor Eratoi
Timor Eratoi
Timor Eratoi
Timor Eratoi
Timor Eratoi
Timor Eratoi

Timor Eratoi

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Forest Grown Coffee & Tea

Forests have never been so critical to the well being of our planet as they are right now. This is why we go out of our way to source coffee and tea that are forest grown, multi-crop, or at the very least biodiverse. Together, we can support these natural environments.
At Bloss we have worked hard to make sure that every treat you buy has been grown in a way that doesn't harm our environment.


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Coffee Roasters Kent

Affectionately known as 'The Granary', our roastery sits on the site of the old Kingsnorth Windmill.

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Traceable for Responsible Buyers

All our coffees are traceable to the farm

Relationships for the Long-haul

the '&' is for a reason! We partner to cultivate value