Bloss House Blend
Bloss House Blend
Bloss House Blend
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Bloss House Blend

Bloss House Blend

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Bloss House Blend - Bold & Classic

Our House Blend is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who appreciate quality coffee and a classic espresso. We source beans from all around the world and combine them to create this bold and delicious blend. This combination creates a balanced cup with a smooth body and just enough sweet notes for a wonderfully balanced cup.

Whether you're looking for a creamy espresso or a delicate filter, our House Blend is sure to satisfy. We keep the roast profile at a medium espresso roast to make sure the roasting notes don’t over power the natural sweetness of the quality beans. This blend is perfect for any occasion. Enjoy!

More Info

This blend is a combination of two high-grade speciality coffee, each scoring 84-86. Both single
 origins have been through a premium fermentation process, one as a washed coffee, and the other as a natural. The combination brings together the best of the sugars and amino acids from the washed coffee with the body and smooth finish of the premium natural.

The farmers processing the washed coffee remove the
 skin and mucilage, after fermentation the seed is dried, 
creating clean and acidic flavours. You will
 often get a clearer sense of the origin this way 
and the “terroir” of its growth. To improve
 complexity, the cherries are grown in the shade
 of other trees which ripens the cherries slower. Pairing this with the natural processed coffee makes for a coffee 
that stands out in the crowd! a rock sold coffee 
reliable and consistent every time. That’s why 
it’s our house blend!

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