Bloss Speciality Blend
Bloss Speciality Blend
Bloss Speciality Blend
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Bloss Speciality Blend

Bloss Speciality Blend

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Bloss Speciality Blend - A Uniquely Delicious Experience

Our signature Speciality Blend was our first blend and has stood the test of time. We've taken the best of our two long-term producer friends from Asia and Africa and built this blend on the base of one of the best Brazils we could find. If you're looking for a smooth body and just enough rich fruity character to push through a deep chocolatey base from the Brazil, then look no further – this blend will do just that!

So why do we call it Speciality? Well to begin with we wanted to create a blend that does what blends often don’t do well, and that is to celebrate the special origins of the beans in the blend. We feel we have been able to roast these three very different beans in a way that compliments beautifully, keeping the special character of each origin intact.

Bloss Speciality Blend is the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality coffee and crave a unique flavour experience. It's perfect for an energising morning pick-me-up or a cozy evening treat. Try it today and taste the difference!

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