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Celebrate the diversity of life on this planet with our Biodiversitea!

Monsoon has collaborated with the Tea Fauna Project to study biodiversity around their tea-producing areas in Northern Thailand. Nature has a way of knowing best, therefore learning as much as possible about how tea affects surrounding ecosystems is vital for the continued creation of better conservation strategies and a more sustainable tea industry. 

All our teas are grown in harmony with nature in Northern Thailand to preserve forests, protect biodiversity, and provide long-term income for local tea farmers in Northern Thailand.

The Tea Fauna Project

Monteaco works with entomologist Alexey Reshchikov to study biodiversity around tea plants in Southeast Asia. So far this work has resulted in the discovery and description of two new species of wasps, one of which has been named after Monteaco founder Kenneth and given the name "Drepanoctonus rimdahli"

We need an increased knowledge about nature to build successful conservation strategies and with this project, we hope to build improved biodiversity databases and inspire ordinary people to learn and care more about what species live amongst us.

Learn more.

Type of Tea

Green, Flavoured Tea

Brewing Suggestions

Brewing method: 2-3 grams of tea per 200 ml of water. Infuse in 85-degree water for 2 minutes. Brew the tea multiple times and experience the change in flavour during the tasting journey. 


Green tea, chamomile, peach flavour, dried pandan

What is Forest Friendly Tea?

Forest Friendly Tea is exactly what it sounds like. Tea is grown and harvested with a sustainable method while protecting the forest. While mass production of tea worldwide results in deforestation, and more often than not relies on irrigation systems, fertilizers, and pesticides our sustainable methods for producing tea do not include any of this. Instead, we only source tea either from completely wild tea plants or planted tea, growing in harmony with forests.

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    Forest Friendly Teas

    All our tea is grown and cultivated in harmony with nature in Northern Thailand. Sinse 2013 Monteaco has established the Forrest Friendly Tea label.

    • No deforestation
    • No herbicides or pesticides
    • No fertilisers or irrigation systems

    Tea From Thailand?

    Although Thailand is not widely recognized for its tea culture, it is actually one of the places where tea originates from. In the past, people in the mountainous regions of Northern Thailand used the tea plant to make food rather than a beverage. This unique practice contributes to the production of the world's most sustainable tea in these areas, fostering a brighter future for producers, customers, and the environment we all rely on.

    Re-Steeping For New Flavours

    The beauty of high quality Whole Leaf Loose teas is that they can be steeped several time.

    Each subsequent infusion reveals new layers of complex flavours. With every steep, these premium leaves unfurl, providing a unique and evolving experience that captivates the senses and nourishes the soul.

    We recommend re-steeping at least four times and even more for the Oolong and White teas.

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