Rwanda Rwamatamu
Rwanda Rwamatamu
Rwanda Rwamatamu
Rwanda Rwamatamu

Rwanda Rwamatamu

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Rwanda Rwamatamu

This is a Washed processed coffee from Rwamatamu, Kibuye Region of Rwanda

Rwamatamu Coffee is a family business owned and operated by Mukantwaza Laetitia and Rutaganda Gaston. They have been producing coffee for over thirteen years. They founded Rwamatamu in 2015 aiming for financial gain but also contributing to the fight against poverty in rural communities through harvesting coffee.

Rwamatamu Coffee Ltd has 20 hectares of coffee from where it harvests its own cherries but also purchases cherries from affiliate co-operatives and local producer families and smallholder farmers. These cherries from different sources are separately collected, processed, sundried, sorted bagged and eventually exported to Roasteries like Bloss.

Rwamatamu’s coffee farm and washing station are located in the Western province of Rwanda, where the landscape consists of picturesque rolling hills flanked by Lake Kivu in Nyamasheke District.

This region provides a tropical highland climate with an average temperature of 14 to 24 c and regular rainfall. This makes for an ideal growing region for arabica coffee and results in a dense, hard bean with superior coffee flavour.

The farm is positioned at 1800 up to 2000 meters altitude, on rich volcanic soil. The harvest season is from January to March each year.

Coffee from Rwamatamu is fully washed with spring water, handpicked and sun-dried to a high standard. Currently, they are in the process of gaining their organic and fair-trade certifications. They work to have a positive social and economic impact on farmer communities, focusing on women in particular.

Rwamatamu works together with cooperatives of coffee farmers who live in the area. 80% of their employees are women.

Their goal is to build healthy relationships with the community based on common values and goals. This is done by committing to a regular purchase of beans and investing in the growth of employees. They also commit to a set standard of improving quality each year.

We're sure you'll enjoy this flavourful coffee from Rwanda.

Coffee Facts

Farmers / Producer - Rwamatamu

Agro method - Shade-grown*

Region:  Kibuye

Altitude - 1800 to 2000m above sea level

Variety - Red Bourbon

Process Type - Washed

*This coffee is grown organically but due to not yet being certified, we can't mention this on the label.

Flavour notes

This will depend slightly on the method of brewing, so please refer to our flavour map image for our general flavour description. 

As a pour-over (using a V60 or home filter machine) you’ll taste a complex array of tea-like and fresh citrus flavours. There are lots of complex delicate characters in this coffee along with lots of Caramel notes. That citrus flavour also brings out a fresh clear brightness. Overall this is a high sweetness coffee with lots to play with, as the coffee cools you'll notice tons of nuance.

As an espresso, we recommend dosing a regular 18g shot to a 40g shot! The caramel sweetness and full smooth body make a very yummy espresso that blends best with cow's milk. The espresso also matches well with oat milk or nut milk alternatives so this is an all-rounder.

Brew Recommendations 

V60 pour-over - 1:15 ratio (coffee to water)

French Press - 1:17 ratio (coffee to water)

Espresso - a double shot of 19g dry weight to 38-42g wet weight shot.

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