Ethiopian Guji Goraa
Ethiopian Guji Goraa
Ethiopian Guji Goraa
Ethiopian Guji Goraa

Ethiopian Guji Goraa

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Ethiopian Guji Goraa

Goraa is the name of the sub-bekele, a smaller area within the larger municipality, where the Goraa group of farmers is located. The village of Goraa is part of the bigger area called Uddo Hadamma.

This natural lot is the result of the contribution of 25 farmers residing in the village of Gora. All of these farmers are growing the Gibirrina/Serto variety (74110 & 74112), which was locally selected from Guji for its disease-resistant qualities. This coffee is grown under the canopy of indigenous trees in the Guji zone's lush hills, on rich loam soil. It is as close to forest-grown Ethiopian coffee as it gets, making this coffee certified organic. The smallholder farms are on average only 2.5 hectares and exclusively grow coffee.

All of these farmers are trained in agronomy and post-harvest practices by the "King of Guji", Ture Waji, who also manages the dry mills in the area. Here, lots are tagged, separated, and recorded with the start date of drying. Daily moisture content changes are recorded to ensure even and effective drying, thereby ensuring the long-term quality of the lots.

We're certain you'll enjoy this exquisite coffee from Ethiopia.

Coffee Facts

Farmers / Producer - 25 farmers from Goraa Village

Agro method - Forest-grown

Region: Guji

Altitude - 2300m above sea level

Variety - Gibirrina/Serto & Heirloom

Process Type - Natural

Flavour notes

This will depend slightly on the method of brewing, so please refer to our flavour map image for our general flavour description. 

As a pour-over (using a V60 or home filter machine) you’ll taste complex cupping notes of Floral jasmine or coffee blossom, dry pineapple, dark chocolate, rich cooked butter, and complex acidities and spices in the cup (especially as it cools). The floral notes will weaken if the coffee begins to stale so keep grinding fresh to preserve these aromatic notes. For Ethiopian coffee, this coffee has a smooth round body/ mouthfeel.

As an espresso, we recommend dosing the shot with 18.5g or higher. The high acidity and sweetness will make a very yummy espresso that blends best with cow's milk. This coffee will be harder to dial-in as an espresso but worth the effort, so we highly recommend you go for it.

Brew Recommendations 

V60 pour-over 

Espresso - a double shot of 18.5g dry weight to 35-37g wet weight shot.

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