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Mexico Tajao

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    Mexico Tajao

    This is a Washed process coffee from the Ensambles project in La Cañada Region of Mexico

    Tejao is the original name for the town of Huautla de Jimenez: a town in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, which is famous for its coffee, in the north of the La Cañada Region. 

    Traditionally, despite coffee being the main agricultural product of the region, coffee yields have been low and crops have often been sold to the commodity market, however recent investment in the area from projects like Ensambles has seen an increased focus on specialty coffee. This has brought more attention to the region and enabled the coffee to not only increase in quality but also in value.

    Coffee in this region is traditionally fully washed and organic, although not certified as such, and the majority of farms feature shade-grown coffee. There is a culture of minimal intervention in this area too, meaning producers tend to refrain from pruning the Typica plants, often resulting in 2-3 meter high coffee trees, as old as 40 years in some cases! Typica is a varietal that is susceptible to a nasty coffee tree disease called 'coffee leaf rust'. However, due to the altitude of this region, and the biodiversity, the coffee crops have not suffered from this infliction.

    Lower temperatures (particularly overnight) in this region, as well as high level of humidity in the atmosphere, make these coffee beans dense and flavourful. This climate however does make drying coffee a tricky endeavor, many producers have to move coffee from outdoor drying patios inside overnight. The colder climate and later harvest than other coffee-growing parts of Mexico mean the coffee cherries have a longer, slower maturation period, often resulting in a sweeter, more complex flavour.

    We're sure you'll enjoy this flavourful coffee from Mexico.

    Coffee Facts

    Farmers / Producer - Ensambles

    Agro method - Shade-grown, *organic

    Region: La Cañada

    Altitude - 1850m above sea level

    Variety - Typica

    Process Type - Washed

    *This coffee is grown organically but due to not yet being certified we can't mention this on the label.

    Flavour notes

    This will depend slightly on the method of brewing, so please refer to our flavour map image for our general flavour description. 

    As a pour-over (using a V60 or home filter machine) you’ll taste a complex array of stone fruits like plum and nectarine. That nectarine flavour also brings out a zesty clementine or mandarine flavour, but this is subtle and not a sharp acidity. There is also a rich date and resin flavour. One of the most dominant flavours in the nutty notes of chestnut and Brazil nut. Overall this is a high sweetness coffee with a syrupy body and mouthfeel.

    As an espresso, we recommend dosing the shot as much as you can! The high sweetness and body with a rich nutty flavour make a very yummy espresso that blends best with cows milk. We don’t suggest this to be a good match with oat milk or nut milk alternatives the flavours tend to clash.

    Brew Recommendations 

    V60 pour-over

    Espresso - a double shot of 19g dry weight to 38-42g wet weight shot.