Kenya Kericho
Kenya Kericho
Kenya Kericho
Kenya Kericho

Kenya Kericho

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Kenya Kericho Coffee

This is a Washed processed coffee from the Lot 20 washing station in the Kericho & Bomet regions of Kenya.

Lot 20 is a group that works with coffee producers from Kericho and Bomet counties in the southern part of the Rift Valley in Kenya. They are passionate about cultivating coffee, ensuring fair treatment of producers, and promoting transparent trade. The group aims to produce delicious coffee that highlights the beauty of their home region. In Kenya, the main option for selling coffee is through auctions, which can make transparent sourcing challenging on a good day and nearly impossible on a bad one. However, Lot 20 is taking a different approach by exporting their coffee themselves.

Kericho County has a rich history of coffee production. The Kipkelion and Fort Tenan regions, in particular, were among the first areas in Kenya to have coffee farms, initially established by foreign settlers.

Despite this, Kericho County (and Bomet County, which is connected to it) is not as renowned for coffee production as central Kenya. This is partly because coffee from central Kenya is typically sold in bulk by large exporters through the national auctioning system. Additionally, farmers from Kericho and Bomet counties often operate through under-managed cooperatives, which coffee dealers exploit to obtain coffee at lower prices.

Lot 20's efforts in the region focus on organizing Kericho and Bomet farmers into self-sufficient entities that process and sell coffee independently, without relying on intermediaries or the auction system.

We're sure you'll enjoy this flavourful coffee from Kenya.

Coffee Facts

Farmers / Producer - Lot 20 Collective

Agro method - Small-holder farms

Region: West of the Kenyan Rift Valley, Kericho & Bomet

Altitude - 1370 - 2080 above sea level

Variety - Ruiri 11, SL28, SL34, K7, Batian

Process Type - Washed, African bed drying.

Flavour notes

This will depend slightly on the method of brewing, so please refer to our flavour map image for our general flavour description. 

As a pour-over (using a V60 or home filter machine) you’ll taste a complex array of tea-like and fresh apple flavours. There are lots of complex delicate characters in this coffee. That fruity apple flavour also brings out a fresh clear brightness. Overall this is a sweet coffee with lots to play with, as the coffee cools you'll notice tons of nuance.

As an espresso, we recommend dosing a regular 18g shot to a 40g shot! The chocolatey sweetness and full smooth body make a very yummy espresso that blends best with cow's milk. The espresso also matches well with oat milk or nut milk alternatives so this is an all-rounder.

Brew Recommendations 

V60 pour-over - 1:15 ratio (coffee to water)

French Press - 1:17 ratio (coffee to water)

Espresso - a double shot of 19g dry weight to 38-42g wet weight shot.

Coffee Projects

The Coffee Nursery

Coffee farming is relatively new in the Sossiot region of West Kericho. To support the local community and promote coffee cultivation as a source of income, Lot 20 has established a nursery alongside their mill in Sossiot.

Their goal is to donate 50,000 plants to the local community, providing an opportunity for locals to grow and sell their own crops. By offering free seedlings, Lot 20 aims to encourage a younger generation of coffee farmers who are open to breaking old notions associated with coffee farming. They want to promote coffee farming as a respectable and sustainable form of employment.

Furthermore, Lot 20's presence in the community creates job opportunities in areas related to coffee farming. For example, there are many seasonal jobs in coffee picking that provide secondary income to local families.

In collaboration with the Kericho county government, Lot 20 is also training extension service officers to educate farmers in various aspects of coffee farming.

Water Resources

Water is an essential element of coffee production, particularly for the washed coffee for which Kenya is well known for pioneering and continuing to develop.

Ainabtany and Lot 20 prioritize the creation of water resources for both processing and community use in all their locations.

In Fort Tenan, significant progress has been made in harvesting and conserving water from the local spring. Workers were brought in to build and maintain a weir (a low dam that controls water levels) across the stream. This has resulted in an increased volume of available water, reaching a few million liters. This ample supply sustains operations at the mill and coffee nursery while also being easily accessible to the local community.

In Cheribo, Lot 20 recently obtained a permit (after enduring months of government bureaucracy) to drill a well/borehole for a new pulping operation. The development of this operation is currently in progress.

Education in Financial Literacy

One of Lot 20's core principles is to ensure fair compensation for all individuals involved in their operations, including both producers and laborers. Currently, Lot 20 is able to pay up to KSh 85 per kilo of cherry, which is equivalent to approximately 680 shillings per kilo of green coffee (based on the 2022 average out-turn ratio of 8:1, meaning 8 kilos of cherry produce 1 kilo of green coffee).

Furthermore, Lot 20 has partnered with a local branch of NCBA in Kericho to provide financial literacy training to farmers and partners associated with Lot 20. With the assistance of NCBA, Lot 20 now offers financial literacy lessons to interested workers. Additionally, these workers have gained access to high-quality banking services through NCBA bank accounts, including support for mobile banking services. The utilization of mobile services is particularly valuable in creating an audit trail to ensure that farmers receive proper payment for their coffee.

Lot 20 and Ainabtany are also advocating for the digitization of production records. By collecting this data, the bank will be able to assess the financial status of participating workers, which is crucial when applying for affordable loans. One of the main motivations for Lot 20 to invest in financial education is to empower their farmers and partners to access small loans for farm inputs and cover labor costs in future seasons.


Bloss has partnered with Omwani and Lot 20 to bring this coffee to you

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