Cold brew in Lockdown

Cold brew in Lockdown

Cold brew's rich, indulgent flavours come without the guilt of over-indulgence as it does not leave those calories of regret lingering on your body. Rather, it leaves you with that drive to want to continue to show up to life, even when life is uncertain. It is not a magic potion, but there is something so pure about it as it comes to you straight from mother nature.  And this simple drink, made with thought and time, is worth a part of our new lives in this season of home.

cold brew coffee in lockdown

Most of us have generally only indulged in this pleasure at a cafe opting to seek the more unique taste of speciality coffee. This is usually because our lives are busy. It is just a matter of picking one up on the go, or having one while sitting down with a friend, now a recognised and missed luxury.  The good news is that you can master the art and craft of cold brew at home. And while you may not be able to drink it with physical friends, our souls still reach out to touch each other.

So, let's make a cold brew.

  1. Grind 1/4 cup of coffee on a course setting (it’s important not to have coffee that is too fine, this will course a unpleasant bitterness)
  2. Pour the coarsely ground coffee grounds into a 500ml french press.
  3. Add room temperature water to the brim, give it a quick stir, and leave overnight, covering but not pressing down. 
  4. As you sit in the mid-morning sun the next day, your cold brew will be your perfect companion. Simply press down on your french press, and pour yourself a cup.
  5. Add either milk or cold water to your concentrate. Made too much? Not a problem, just store it in the fridge for later use for up to 48 hours in a sealed glass container. 

You may be wondering, if it is so easy and simple, then why are they so expensive? The answer lies in how long it takes to make these elixirs. Retailers cannot simply make it on demand. Rather, they must forecast how many orders they will receive. These guesstimates fall toward waste or want. It is this uncertainty that causes the prices to be high.

Cold-brew does not necessarily equate to higher levels of caffeine than a hot coffee. Generally, the ratio of the added milk or water to the coffee concentrate brings caffeine levels slightly lower. This smooth and aromatic cold brew is a dark yet pure pleasure waiting to be yours.