We roast each batch to an individual roast profiles, fine-tuned to each

specific coffee, to make sure that every speciality flavour attribute finds its way to your cup.

What we do

All our coffees arrive and are roasted, one batch at a time, by our master roasters Joel and Em. The &Bloss Roastery is a walk-in roastery where you can visit anytime and sample our coffees. Our team have worked hard to know our coffees well, from the origin and the people to the specific roast profile to use.

How we can help you

&Bloss is excited and will be honoured to partner with you in presenting these coffees to your customers. We’ll make sure the roast matches your brew method and we’ll tailor our coffee to your espresso brewing recipe to make sure that the flavour is just right.

We sell wholesale

If you are interested in buying our products, please fill out the form below and our team will get back to you right away.
You can also contact us via email: info@andbloss.com