Peru El Mirador

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This coffee is a complex, clean, and nutty washed processed coffee. Pilar has a farm just north of the city of Jaen, in northern Peru. His farm is not large but has been producing high-quality coffee due to the high altitude and selected varieties he has cultivated. This specific coffee has been made available through a strong collaboration between Falcon and Pilar working directly together. We at Bloss have been able to piggyback on this well-developed relationship to bring you this exquisite coffee. Due to the level of development that Falcon has with farmers like Pilar, they are able to guarantee higher than market rates while continuing to work on improving quality year after year. Without this level of cooperation, farmers like Pilar would have very little opportunity to by-pass the middlemen and make profits on their coffee.

We're sure you'll enjoy this flavourful coffee from Peru.

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