House Blend with French Press

Choose between Whole Bean or Pre-ground
  • The first shipment comes with a free French Press (Cafetière)
  • Pre-ground or whole bean
  • Change the schedule to your needs

Great Coffee   -   Ethically Sourced   -   Made Right

Our House Blend is a classic full body flavour made with speciality coffee beans will be sent to you based on the frequency and size setting you have selected.

Our beans are all ethically sourced and will come with a little story that tells you a bit more about the selection. 

How it works
  • 1 bag of coffee (1kg) will be sent to the shipping address at each set time
  • First bag ships when the order is placed with free french Press
  • Recurring shipments of coffee will continue to be sent at the chosen frequency
  • Your first charge will be taken from your card when you place the order
  • You will be reminded 3 days before reoccurring charges to your card
  • Can be canceled anytime