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Mexico El Equimite Gesha

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    Mexican Coffee Beans

    This is a Honey process coffee from the biodynamic farm of El Equimite located in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico.

    The owner is Gibrán Cervantes, he is also the founder of Ensambles (this is the entity we have partnered with to source this coffee and who imported it to the UK). El Equimite farm started in 2012 and transitioned from a conventional farming model (shadeless as a mono-crop coffee farm that used chemical fertilisers) to a fully organic farm that is completely biodynamic. It’s Demeter certified since 2017. It's important to know that there are only 2 Demeter certified coffee producing farms in Mexico, and still rare in Latin America.


    El Equimite is the name of an endemic tree that can be found on the farm, along with 29 other tree species, 14 epiphytes (the most famous epiphyte is the orchid), 25 medicinal plants, and many wild animals. Biodynamic means the farm is considered an autonomous self-sufficient environment. This means the farm is able to produce all the resources it needs to exist and thrive. Gibrán Cervantes has taken biodynamics to another level! they also run the farm in accordance with a cosmic calendar, according to Steiner’s guidelines. 

    El Equimite is a 32-hectare farm: 12 hectares are for culture in agroforestry, and 20 hectares are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of a healthy local ecosystem. In the cultivation part of the farm, there are many fruit trees along with coffee. They are experimenting with 12 different varietals of coffee: gesha, borbon rosado, borbon rojo, SL28, typica, garnica, caturra, anacafe 14, and Obata. El Equimite successfully applies a permaculture technique for water distribution called the keyline water system. This allows them to make maximum use of the land's water.

    As you know we especially like to find forest-friendly coffees and this one is exceptional. It is a lot made up entirely of the gasha variety. The post-harvest honey process is done at the farm, which maintains a very high level of control of each step from growing to the finished green coffee product. The Ensambles lab is also on the farm, so they can continue to map out the cup quality according to varietal and process making sure that coffees year after year from this farm is only going to get better and better. In addition, agronomical information will determine what varietals are best suited for El Equimite ecosystem.

    This honey gesha placed 12 at the 2021 Cup Of Excellence, which puts it in the top 0.1% of the coffee produced on the planet. We're sure you'll enjoy this flavourful and very rare coffee from El Equimite, Mexico.

    Coffee Facts

    Farm: El Equimite farm with Ensambles

    Producer: Gibrán Cervantes

    Agro method: Biodynamic, Organic

    Region: Coatepec, Veracruz,

    Altitude: 1250m above sea level

    Variety: Gesha

    Process Type: Honey

    Certificates: Demeter certified since 2017

    Awards: 12th in 2021 Cup Of Excellence

    Flavour notes

    This will depend slightly on the method of brewing, so please refer to our flavour map image for our general flavour description. 

    As a pour-over (using a V60 or home filter machine) you’ll taste those classic tell-tail gesha blueberry and subtle jasmine notes. Manuka honey and white chocolate as also recognisable. As the coffee cools you'll be able to taste a sweet earl grey tea aftertaste but not in the least bit astringent, as this coffee has a super silky body and mouthfeel. 

    No matter how you prepare this coffee, it's not one to be rushed. We've brewed this coffee with a french press, espresso machine, Kalita wave and clever and they are all amazing! This is a coffee to be savoured and drunk on your own in the afternoon when you have time to sip and reflect. 

    Brew Recommendations 

    V60 pour-over - with a 1:16 ratio

    Kalita Wave - we recommend grinding a little finer than normal and tweaking the ratio to 1:17 or 1:18.

    Espresso - a double shot of 20g dry weight to 37-40g wet weight shot. Up-dosing will really make sure you pull all you can from this super complex, sweet coffee.

    Demeter Biodynamic

    The following information can be verified at, visit this site to learn about this organic certification and globally recognised standard. The “International Demeter Biodynamic Standard” is based on the Demeter principles and democratically decided by the members of the Demeter organisations.

    The Standard is an agreement on the minimum requirements that a biodynamically managed farm must meet in order to receive its Demeter recognition. Demeter farms are inspected annually for compliance with the Standard in addition to the organic inspection.

    Demeter products are grown and processed according to the Production and Processing Standards for the use of Demeter, Biodynamic® and related trademarks and inspected and certified by the responsible authority in the respective countries.

    Demeter products aim to contribute to the nutrition, care and clothing of mankind. Therefore the human being stands at the centre of and provides the yardstick for, whatever actions one may take. The aim of processing to make Demeter products is the maintenance and, if possible, the enhancement of those qualities originating in the biodynamic method. Demeter food provides the basis not only for bodily nutrition but also for the soul and spiritual life. This wider view of the effects of food means that the needs of mankind should also be considered on this level.

    The basis of Demeter product quality is the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). The ideas and methods of biodynamic agriculture stem from it, as do the tenets of anthroposophical nutrition. Included with the normal quantitative considerations, there is the added qualitative dimension of life, soul and spirit.

    During processing, the quality of Demeter products should be maintained and enhanced. Processing is a further refining of the biodynamic qualities of the raw materials. The processing methods affect the product quality. The aim, therefore, is to choose methods appropriate to the product and to the overall needs of mankind. Additives and processing aids should be largely dispensed with. Some are no longer required as high quality biodynamically produced raw materials are used. Others can be replaced through the use of appropriate technologies, or by craftsmanship.