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Myanmar Pa'O - Anaerobic Natural

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    Myanmar Coffee Beans

    This coffee is from our friends in the hills of Myanmar (Behind the leaf Coffee). The coffee is grown by a group of close-knit Pa'O farmers that bring their harvest to the Behind The Leaf Coffee processing facility. They are collectively rejuvenating the coffee in the region.

    This anaerobic process is a distinct fermentation style of coffee processing. The coffee cherries are stored in sealed barrels, deprived of oxygen. This lack of oxygen produces multiple acids and aromatic compounds that impact the flavor profile of the coffee. The cherries are then dried naturally in the sun for days allowing the natural flavors of the cherry to impact the coffee beans.

    This flavourful coffee is produced by the Pa'O people, in the highlands of Shan state of Myanmar. It has a cupping score of 85-87 on the SCA cupping scoring scale.


    Coffee Facts
    • Farmers / Producer - Pa'O, Behind the Leaf Coffee
    • Agro method - Shade-grown, * Korean Natural Farming practices
    • Region - Shan State
    • Altitude - 1200m above sea level
    • Variety - Typica, SL28, Bourbon
    • Process Type - Anaerobic Natural

    *This coffee is grown using Korean Natural Farming practices, which harnesses the power of Indigenous Microorganisms (IMOs) to act as natural fertilisation so there is no need to use chemical herbicides or fertilisers.  

    Flavour notes

    This will depend slightly on the method of brewing, so please refer to our flavour map image for our general flavour description. 

    As a pour-over (using a V-60 or home filter machine) you’ll taste a complex array of flvours. This coffee is just bursting with fruity notes and has a soft mouthfeel with hints of raspberry, forest fruits, dates, and brown sugar. We know this is the type of coffee that can excite even the most experienced coffee drinker. 

    As an espresso, this coffee will pop! The high sweetness and rich fruity flavours make a very yummy espresso that blends with cow's milk and oak alternatives. 

    Brew Recommendations 

    V-60 pour-over method

    Espresso - a double shot of 18-19g dry weight to 38-42g wet weight double espresso shot.

    Community development

    Behind the Leaf coffee started developing low-cost, reproducible technologies in the areas of water, sanitation, agriculture, and building. Their projects include ceramic water filters, interlocking compressed earth blocks, natural farming, Moringa, rabbit breeding, and stink-free pig rearing in addition to coffee!

    Social Unrest

    Since Feb 2021 Myanmar has been experiencing serious social unrest. In the area where this coffee comes from there has been sporadic fighting between local factions and the county's military. This fighting has left thousands displaced and a very unstable economic environment.

    We have been in touch with BTL coffee and have been so impressed with how they are selflessly giving so generously to these communities. They have been installing water filter systems at the camps to make sure these internally displaced peoples have clean water for drinking. Not only are they risking their own safety, but they are continuing to run their business to support the farmers of the area, as well as providing immense support to many IDPs in the area.

    Buying their coffee seems far from enough help to give, but engaging with their coffee as a drinker does enable Behind the Leaf to continue to do the incredible work they do not just for the coffee-growing community but for the whole Pa'O nationality and neighboring tribes that they help during this very difficult time.