Happiness, No Strings Attached!

These are the hands that have made me coffee these last 19 years. The quality wasn't always this beautiful elixir you currently see in the mug. We started with instant coffee and thought nothing of it. We’d never tried anything else, and life was working pretty great as it was. It was only when a friend gifted us with a bag of ground proper coffee that we first fell in love with something that instant could not replace. Our world suddenly became a little more expensive, sweeter and of course, healthier. As the years progressed we learned more. All these years later, I have a man who has been trained in all things specialty coffee, and this beautiful golden drink is now an every day, multiple times a day, occurrence.


Without fail, this beautiful drink comes to me,  perfectly crafted first thing in the morning, and then later toward midday, simply because it makes me happy. And while you may wish a similar story for yourself, let me tell you the cost of arriving in my happy place. My current situation has taken me nineteen years of learning how to work through conflict, have crucial conversations, disagreements, arguments, downs, and ups. We’ve been through hell but also heaven. We’ve lived without and we’ve lived with. At times he’s slept on the couch and at times I’ve stomped off in a rage. I’m not proud of these ‘throw my toys out of the pram,’ moments, but the reason we are still together is that we have done the hard work. The aggravating work of digging deep within ourselves to ask, where am I wrong? Where am I the problem?


To spare you the aggravation of all the trouble I’ve been through to finally get my gold, I suggest you simply subscribe. All you need to do is sign up for a subscription package and that beautiful coffee will be there waiting for you every morning. You will never run out, and you will never need to do anything for it. No need for any hurt feelings, no need for conflict management skills, this is just between you and a bag of beans! Of course, going through all the tough stuff builds muscles, which in time makes you look great, but we can work on those in other ways. 


For now, pick the easy option, click subscribe!  

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